Vacuum Infusion Molding

Meter mix and resin handling equipment for low viscosity resins

Resin infusion is a specific form of resin transfer molding (RTM). Alternate names include vacuum infusion process (VIP) and vacuum assisted RTM (VARTM). Infusion can be accomplished with low viscosity resins such as polyester, epoxy and urethane. The type of chemistry and flow rates will dictate the type of meter mix or resin handling equipment that is required.

Glascraft Resin Transfer Molding Systems Thumbnail
Glascraft Resin Transfer Molding Systems

Dispensing equipment for RTM and light RTM applications

PR70 Thumbnail

Compact Benchtop Meter, Mix and Dispense System

VRM Metering System Thumbnail
VRM Metering System

For high-flow, high-volume resin dispensing

GelCoat Systems is a leading provider of FRP and composite resin processing systems and components. GelCoat Systems applies a wide range of reactive resins and viscous adhesive materials used in commercial and industrial FRP and composite production applications. GelCoat Systems products are typically used for Gel Coat Spray, chopper laminations, fiberglass wet-out, transfer and infusion molding, and to apply sealant and adhesive in the automotive, marine, industrial, construction, and other commercial markets.

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