APD (Adhesive Putty Dispensing) System

Designed for high-viscosity polyester lightweight putties.

200K-1M centipoises
Accommodates 55 gallon (200 liter) open-top drum.
23:1 ratio chop-check RAM pump.
RAM pump seal made of ethylene-propylene rubber for chemical resistance.
Air motor control valve controls line pressure = no bursting of glass spheres in filled materials.

Graco is a leading provider of fluid-handling systems and components. Graco products move, measure, control, dispense and apply a wide range of fluids and viscous materials used in commercial and industrial fluid spraying applications and vehicle lubrication. Graco’s products are typically used for spray finishing, paint circulation, lubrication and to apply sealants and adhesives in the automotive, industrial, housing, wood finishing and other commercial markets.

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