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Kirkco’s FRP Gel Coating and Chop Lamination Solutions:

Whether you’re making fiberglass swimming pools or building the next hottest thing on the water, consider one of our fine manual FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) spray systems from GelCoatSystems.com. MACT compliant Resin Spray guns deliver superior atomization with AAC (Air Assisted Containment) to provide a uniform distribution of resin that makes it straight into the mold.

When you buy a drum of resin or gelcoat, you pay for every drop of material. We can help you put as many of those drops in the mold as possible.

The AAC (Air Assisted Containment) wraps the spray pattern in a containment shield of air. This prevents atomized droplets from escaping the spray pattern creating a better working environment. Droplets that escape and end up outside the mold are a waste.

AAC creates a spray pattern where the droplets travel to the mold at a very low pressure. The low particle velocity or “droplet speed” reduces turbulence in the material when being applied to the mold.

Competitive spray guns with higher “particle velocity” create a great deal of turbulence during the applicion process. This turbulence and over-atomization creates air entrapment which can result in porosity issues. We also offer tanks, heaters, and agitation systems for high volume resin applications.

Graco is a leading provider of fluid-handling systems and components. Graco products move, measure, control, dispense and apply a wide range of fluids and viscous materials used in commercial and industrial fluid spraying applications and vehicle lubrication. Graco’s products are typically used for spray finishing, paint circulation, lubrication and to apply sealants and adhesives in the automotive, industrial, housing, wood finishing and other commercial markets.

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