In-Mold Coating Process for Sheet Molding Compound (SMC)

IMC machines (In Mold Coating) are used to provide molded parts made of fiber-reinforced plastics (FRP) in the mold with a paintable surface. The press, in which the SMC was cured, pressure is relieved and the IMC material will be injected in the resulting gap between the mold and the SMC. Through this process, the subsequent priming may be omitted.

liquid, heat activated conductive in-mold coating is designed to enhance the surface of reinforced plastics, automotive, truck FRP body panels, or any molded part. GenGlaze In-Mold Coatings provide a smooth, protected, sealed surface that meets or exceeds most OEM coating specifications. They can be readily painted with standard automotive finishes using conventional or electrostatic equipment.

GelCoat Systems is a leading provider of FRP and composite resin processing systems and components. GelCoat Systems applies a wide range of reactive resins and viscous adhesive materials used in commercial and industrial FRP and composite production applications. GelCoat Systems products are typically used for Gel Coat Spray, chopper laminations, fiberglass wet-out, transfer and infusion molding, and to apply sealant and adhesive in the automotive, marine, industrial, construction, and other commercial markets.

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